The 10 Best Stephen King Movies


The 10 Best Stephen King Movies

The 10 Best Stephen King Movies

One major milestone we’re celebrating this month is the 40th Anniversary of Stephen King in film, as kicked off with Brian De Palma’s seminal 1976 classic Carrie. The story of a shy girl, her psychic powers and the psychotic mother to end all psychotic mothers was released in November of that year, and proved both a box office smash and the first step in the popularization of the author, who has since had countless adaptations of his writing brought to both the big and small screen. To celebrate, we’ve conjured a list of The 10 Best Stephen King Movies ever made.

This also happens to fall at the same time that Scream Factory is releasing a bonus-packed Collector’s Edition Blu-ray of Carrie on October 11, which features a gorgeous transfer of the film as well as a ton of new bonus content, including a revealing half-hour interview with screenwriter Lawrence D. Cohen on the process of discovering King’s manuscript and bringing it to the screen. Think about how momentous that is… imagine a world without Stephen King movies? Now THAT is scary.

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There aren’t too many controversial choices on this list, as the ones that have stood the test of time are pretty much regarded by both the public-at-large and the author himself as the superior films. Not all of them are horror, but neither is good ol’ Uncle Steve’s output as a writer. That said, we encourage you to make your own favorite Stephen King movies known in the comments below!

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