Top 5 Contemporary Haunted Kids Movies

In honor of the release of The Disappointments Room, we look at 5 contemporary haunted kids movies

Opening tomorrow in theaters nationwide from Relativity Studios is director D.J. Caruso’s haunted kids movie The Disappointments Room, a wrenching domestic Gothic horror movie starring Underworld’s Kate Beckinsale and written by former Prison Break star-turned-writer Wentworth Miller, whose 2013 chiller Stoker was one of the best horror films of that year.

Dana (Beckinsale) and her husband Dave are trying to save their ailing marriage and move, with their son Jeremy, into a dilapidated country manor near an aging Eastern seaboard town. In the course of renovating their new home, Dana discovers a small locked door in the corner of the attic that hadn’t appeared in the house’s blueprints. The ghost of a young girl appears and beckons her to open the door. But the spirits of those who protect the rooms terrifying secret return to make sure that the room remains closed forever.


The Disappointments Room is yet another in a very long line of genre films where spectral kids come back from the beyond to seek assistance from the living, using all manner of ghostly trick to convey their messages.

In honor of the film’s release we found five of our favorite haunted kids flicks from the past 20 years and now present them for your perusal. Enjoy and share your thoughts in the comments section below.



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