10 Best Classic Movies on Netflix

10 Best Classic Movies on Netflix

While Netflix has scaled back on their movie library in recent years to make way for more TV and exclusive content, there are still more movies on the streaming service than you can count. There’s even a fine selection of older movies, which is why we’ve assembled this list of the 10 Best Classic Movies on Netflix, all of which you can check out in the gallery below!

So what makes a movie a classic? A sense of timelessness, or a feeling of capturing lightning in a bottle among the lead actors. The right story at the right time with the right people. Whether it’s creating indelible images or characters you want to revisit again and again, a movie that’s defined as a classic has touched a lot of viewers’ hearts — young and old — and will continue to do so as long as movies are seen on the big or small screen.

Come back with us to those thrilling days of yesteryear, when leading men were MEN, and films had a real sense of class to ’em!


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