got an early look at Sideshow Collectibles' Boba Fett premium format figure and you can take a look at it in our unboxing gallery!

Unboxing Sideshow Collectibles’ Boba Fett Premium Format Figure


Star Wars’ most popular bounty hunter comes to life with Sideshow Collectibles’ massive Boba Fett Premium Format figure

If you’re at all immersed in the world of geek collectibles, it’s a safe bet that you’re familiar with Sideshow. If you’ve ever been to San Diego Comic-Con, you probably know the company best for its massive booth filled with all sorts of high-end statues and fantastically-detailed 1:6 figures from dozens of different pop culture licenses. When it comes to a galaxy far, far away, Sideshow has been a fan favorite for Star Wars collectors for more than a decade. Recently, we’ve been working with Sideshow to bring you updates like a recent first look at the upcoming Dark Knight Joker Premium Format Figure and our Deadpool Sixth Scale Figure giveaway. Today we’ve got a very cool surprise as Sideshow sent over their new Boba Fett Premium Format figure! Check out our full unboxing in the gallery viewer below! 

Standing more than two feet tall, the Boba Fett Premium Format figure makes for quite a sizable display piece! Despite having “figure” in the name, this is more a statue than something posable. There is, however, some limited mobility in the head and, of course, with the cloth cape and shoulder braid. This version of the Boba Fett Premium Format Figure (limited to 2,500) features Fett’s EE-3 blaster rifle from The Empire Strikes Back. Sideshow also issued a now sold out exclusive version (limited to 1,250) that included a swappable Mark II version of the weapon, as featured in Return of the Jedi.

Out of the box, the Boba Fett Premium Format Figure arrives in five basic pieces: a head, body, hand with blaster and a two-part base. He’s simple enough to assemble and there’s no real worry of damaging the pieces. They combine easily and are solidly crafted. Although the five big pieces are easy to figure out, there’s also three mini-pieces that may make you suddenly wish for the inclusion of an instruction sheet. It turns out that they slide into the pouches at the top of Fett’s boots, subtly complimenting the figure’s detailed, dynamic design.

The Boba Fett Premium Format Figure is an incredible collectible, although it’s admittedly rather pricey. The statue will set you back nearly $500 after shipping. The bottom line is that you probably already know as a collector if this is something you *need* in your collection. Fortunately, this statue is very much a standalone piece and isn’t as likely to spark a collecting frenzy as compared to, say, Sideshow’s massive 1:6 Star Wars line. Fett here works excellently as a one-off Star Wars statue and should serve as a treasured centerpiece, especially for major Fett fans.

You can order the Boba Fett Premium Format Figure right here! You can also get on the waitlist for the exclusive version.


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