15 Awesome Immortals from Film and Television

The Last Witch Hunter Presents 15 Awesome Immortals from Film and Television.

15 Awesome Immortals from Film and Television, brought to you by The Last Witch Hunter

Every human being, from those of us here at ComingSoon.net to those of you reading our articles (and everyone else for that matter), are mortal. We live and we die, but because that second part sucks we have all fantasized about living forever. The concept of immortality is alluring as hell, and storytellers throughout the years have toyed with the idea and picked it apart, presenting a series of characters who cannot die but remain fascinating anyway, even though they are far removed from the audience’s personal experience.

The latest immortal character in film and television is the protagonist of The Last Witch Hunter, played by the gravelly Vin Diesel, and like many of his peers, he finds both pleasure and pain in his longevity. He got us thinking about all the great characters we’ve seen throughout the years in both film and television, who brought humanity, villainy and ineffability to the concept of immortality.

And so we present 15 Awesome Immortals from Film and Television, who represent the best – and sometimes the worst – aspects of living forever.

[Editor’s Note: We are, for the sake of conversation, omitting various characters who are either actual gods (e.g. Thor, Zeus, et al) or undead (e.g. Jason Voorhees, Edward Cullen, et al), because they tend to serve different dramatic functions in their various stories.]

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