The Last Witch Hunter Presents The Vin Diesel Movies Spotlight


The Last Witch Hunter Presents The Vin Diesel Movies Spotlight.

The Vin Diesel Movies Spotlight, brought to you by The Last Witch Hunter

There is perhaps no other Hollywood star like Mark Sinclair. Early in his career, Sinclair took the stage name Vin Diesel and carved out his own identity as an actor. According to Diesel, he initially found it difficult to find roles because his ethnicity didn’t fit into the traditional demands of the industry.

But Diesel persevered and landed breakout roles in Saving Private Ryan, Pitch Black, and The Fast and The Furious. Now the man who couldn’t be hired is one of the most in-demand action icons in the entertainment industry. Diesel also maintains several popular social media accounts and remains in constant contact with his fans online.

Last fall, Diesel starred in The Last Witch Hunter, a dark fantasy action film directed by Breck Eisner. Within the film, Diesel portrays, Kaulder a witch hunter who was cursed by the Witch Queen with eternal life. Across the ages, Kaulder continued to hunt witches until the present day, when Kaulder finds himself in a race against time to prevent the Witch Queen from returning! Elijah Wood Rose Leslie, Julie Engelbrecht, Michael Caine co-star in the movie with Diesel.

The Last Witch Hunter is available on Digital HD today and will hit On Demand, Blu-ray and DVD on February 2. To celebrate the release, is looking back at all of Diesel’s major film roles. These are the parts that made Diesel into the man that he is today, and they offer a few hints about some of his upcoming projects as well.