Holiday Movie Preview 2015


Holiday Movie Preview 2015’s 2015 Holiday Movie Preview

Those of you still having your minds blown by the brand-new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer may need to be reminded that, yes, it looks super awesome, but there are still a ton of OTHER cool movies coming out over the coming holiday season that you should also have on your radar. 

Besides the return of Han Solo, we also get the last stand of Katniss Everdeen in the final Hunger Games installment, Daniel Craig’s triumphant return as James Bond, and Sylvester Stallone coming out swinging as Rocky. Since this is also the beginning of awards season, you will start to see more prestige fare, which means those who go to the movies for more than just explosions are in luck as acclaimed filmmakers like David O. Russell, Todd Haynes, Thomas McCarthy, Angelina Jolie, Tom Hooper, Ron Howard and Quentin Tarantino are rolling out their best efforts to snag Oscar gold.

There’s also animated movies for the kids, family comedies for a bit of post-Thanksgiving respite and Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest actorly plea not to be ignored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. While Leo may or may not finally get that statue he craves so desperately, you should find at least a few must-see movies in our holiday movie preview in the gallery below. Oh, and did we mention there’s a new Star Wars movie coming out?

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