The History of Mars Movies


The History of Mars Movies.

A look at the history of Mars movies

Matt Damon may be The Martian, but he isn’t the first. At least not as far as cinema is concerned. That bright red dot in the sky has inspired sci-fi filmmakers to tell tales of human endurance and alien invasions for decades. Tales of terror, tales of whimsy, blockbusters and bombs alike have been set on, near or in the shadow of Mars, and as we look to the future – as The Martian would have us do – it obviously behooves us to consider the past as well.

Take a look back through the other end of the telescope, and zero in on the many motion pictures about Mars with this handy timeline of the Mars movies, past and present. Some are classics, some are nearly forgotten, and all of them would never exist without that bauble in the firmament.

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