CS Video: Time Out of Mind Director Oren Moverman

CS Video: Time Out of Mind Director Oren Moverman.

Interview with Time Out of Mind director Oren Moverman

Having established himself as a go-to screenwriter even before he was nominated for an Oscar for 2009’s The Messenger, filmmaker Oren Moverman reunited with The Messenger star Woody Harrelson for his second film, the excellent and highly-underrated L.A. police drama Rampart in 2011.

Moverman’s third movie as a director, Time Out of Mind, is a similar character piece, this one starring Richard Gere as a homeless man named George, whom we watch over the course of a couple days as he moves from one homeless shelter to another, all the while trying to keep his situation secret from his bartender daughter (Jena Malone). On this journey, he meets a number of other characters, including an unrecognizable Ben Vereen as a homeless man who George befriends.

It’s a fairly slow character piece that really showcases Gere’s acting but also the realism that Moverman was able to create about what it’s like living on the streets of New York. 

A couple weeks back, ComingSoon.net sat down with Mr. Moverman for an interview that you can watch in the video player below. He told us how he met Gere at a party and how the two did the research together to make the movie happen, some of the rest of the cast around Gere, and some of the decisions in terms of music.

Time Out of Mind opens in New York on Wednesday, September 9, before expanding elsewhere. 


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