CS Video: People Places Things’ Jemaine Clement and Regina Hall

Jemaine Clement, Regina Hall and Jim Strouse on People Places Things

Jim Strouse has created a name for himself with the dramedies he’s written and directed, most of which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, which is also the case with People Places Things, a movie starring Jemaine Clement as Will Henry, a graphic artist and teacher who catches his wife (Stephanie Allynne) with one of their friends and sets out to raise their twin daughters on his own. 

One of his students (Jessica Williams from “The Daily Show”) convinces Will to come over for dinner to meet her mother Diane (Regina Hall), who is also a college professor, but Will discovers it’s more difficult to start again when it comes to romance and relationships, especially trying to juggle that with raising his daughters. 

ComingSoon.net spoke with Strouse and some of his cast earlier this week, the first of our interviews being a short one with Clement and Regina Hall, which you can watch below.

Afterwards, we had a chance to speak with the film’s writer/director, Jim Strouse, which you can watch in the video player below:

People Places Things opens in New York, L.A. and other cities as well as On Demand on Friday, August 14.


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