Toy Fair: A Look at Diamond Select’s 2015 Line-Up



Another one of our favorite booths to visit at Toy Fair is the Diamond Select one, since they have a wide variety of action figures, busts, statues and other licensed materials from so many different television shows, movies and video games, and they’re constantly trying out new ideas like cookie jars and pizza cutters!

They’ve already had a wide array of licenses, but they continue to add more each year, and they always seem to figure out which characters and creatures might generate the most interest among fans. 

Diamond Select is doing a series of “Gotham” Select action figures based on the characters from the popular FOX show including James Gordon (out this summer), Oswald Cobblepot and Selina Kyle, which will both be released next year. Unfortunately, they’re all in development so we’re not able to show any of those.

As might be expected, they have upcoming action figures and Mini-Mates for Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man, and we’re able to show the action figures as well as the first wave of Age of Ultron mini-mates. The second wave of Mini-Mates out in July will include a Hulkbuster, two Ultrons and a Hydra agent in his white uniform. The first action figure will be in Hulk in March, followed by Black Widow and Thor (all new molds) in June. Marvel Select’s action figure for Ant-Man will be out in May for the same price of $24.99.

For fans of older Marvel action figures, Diamond Select is doing a series of retro 8″ action figures based on the MEGO Marvel figures, offered as collector’s sets with various accessories, alternate heads and more for $80 a set.  They’ve already released Captain America and they have sets based on Wolverine and Thor on the way.

Fans of the classic ’60s Batman television series will have plenty of new busts with a Batgirl and Batman Batusi Bust out soon, followed by Mr. Freeze in June and an Egg Head bust in October as well as Julie Newmar Catwoman in the fall. They also have a full-scale Batgirl statue planned for the summer which will go for $199.99. Cookie Jars are a new addition to what they’re doing and they’ll have one based on the classic Batman logo for $39.99.  Other busts include ones based on “Batman: The Animated Series” with a number of busts based on those characters including Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Catwoman and Phantasm and Femme Fatale statues based on Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Batgirl and Catwoman to be released over the next year.

alienscookiejarThere’s lots of stuff for fans of monsters and creatures with a cool Alien Warrior Cookie Jar (on the right), a new Predator Bust Bank and deluxe Mini-Mates planned for Aliens and Predator coming out in the fall. They’re adding more banks to the Godzilla line with Mechagodzilla (available now for $29.99), being joined by a 1974 Godzilla figure bank in August and a 1993 Rodan in the fall. (All but the Mini-Mates are shown in the gallery below.)

Diamond Select is continuing their Universal Monsters with a set of three black and white action figures–Quasimodo, Mr. Hyde and a Mole Creature–in July, followed by new Mummy and Wolfman figures in the fall. They’ve also created their own character thorough artistic license by turning Lucy Westenra, one of Dracula’s victims in the novel, into a Monster Hunter. 

The company continues to work with Kevin Smith to create a number of action figures and other licensed materials based on his movies with four Clerks Select B&W figures based on characters from Smith’s first movie coming out in the summer.  They’re also doing a ton of things based on Jay and Silent Bob including a Bluntman hat replica for $24.99 in June, various mugs and glass tumblers featuring the Bluntman and Chronic characters available in the summer. 

Other licenses include a variety of figures and mini-mates based on Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, Mini-Mates based on characters from some of Quentin Tarantino’s movies–in particular, we loved the Mini-Mate of The Gimp from Pulp Fiction which will be available in a 20th Anniversary set next month. July will bring a set of the Deadly Vipers from Tarantino’s Kill Bill. More Ghostbusters figures are on the way, including Dan Ackroyd’s Ray and Ernie Hudson’s Winston and a variety of bottle openers, pizza cutters and more. There’s also a third series of MIni-Mates based on Frank Miller’s Sin City coming out in June and a Marv bust out in March for $59.99. 

We weren’t allowed to snap pictures of them, but Diamond Select also has a series of figures and Mini-Mates based on The Muppets on the way as well. 

Check out photos of some of the cool things above in the gallery below.