Paramount Pictures 2008 Preview

ON has received Paramount Pictures’ 2008 preview. To view info on each movie, just select the titles, and to see the images, click on ‘View Pics’ (release dates are subject to change):

January 18
Cloverfield (View Pics)

February 1
Strange Wilderness (View Pics)

February 15
The Spiderwick Chronicles (View Pics)

March 21
Drillbit Taylor (View Pics)

March 28
Stop-Loss (View Pics)

April 4
Shine a Light (View Pics)

April 11
The Ruins (View Pics)

May 2
Iron Man (View Pics)

May 22
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (View Pics)

June 6
Kung Fu Panda (View Pics)

June 20
The Love Guru (View Pics)

July 11
Tropic Thunder

August 8
Eagle Eye

August 22
Case 39 (View Pics)

September 26
Nowhereland (View Pics)

Ghost Town (View Pics)

November 7
Madagascar: The Crate Escape (View Pics)

November 26
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

December 19
Revolutionary Road (View Pics)

December 25
Star Trek (View Pics)

A Tale of Two Sisters (View Pics)