The Star Wars News Roundup – 1.9.15


The Star Wars News Roundup

The purpose of this roundup is to put the highlights of all things Star Wars from the last week in one location. If you read this each week, you should be able to converse fluently with any Star Wars fan on everything from the latest Star Wars: Episode VII developments to the latest toys. And maybe you’ll even share with them something that they might have missed.

Let’s get to it!

The Force Awakens News and Rumors

This week, Hasbro’s lineup of TFA toys went online. And it turns out we may not get a sneak peek at the toys at Toy Fair like we have on the previous films. Toys will hit in September to go along with a new digital release of the Star Wars films:

Did you see The Raid 2? Well, it turns out some of the cast may be appearing in TFA:

The rumors and spy info continue to pop up online:

From around the web…

Find out what Jessica Chastain thought about The Force Awakens teaser trailer:

Sequel and Spinoff News and Rumors

A rumor popped up last week that “Breaking Bad” actor Aaron Paul was being considered for the upcoming Han Solo spinoff movie. Paul addressed the rumor himself as it started spreading around the news outlets:


Star Wars Aladdin – One Jump Ahead

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