The Weekend Warrior’s Most Anticipated Movies of 2015


Most anticipated movies of 2015

Happy New Year!

Hopefully you’ve already read my Top 25 and Terrible 25 for 2014, but now it’s time to move past that boring old “last year” and get into all of the fun stuff we have to look forward to this year. As in the past, I’ve put together a list of the movies I’m most looking forward to seeing in the coming year with the caveat that some of them I’m just going on what little I know at this time without having seen a trailer.

There are so many other movies I want to see this year, but I figured 20 was enough to feature, so you can check out more in the…

Honorable Mentions: Cinderella, Trainwreck, Get Hard, Everest, Steven Spielberg-Tom Hanks Cold War Thriller, Sinister 2, Untitled Cameron Crowe and lots more!

Keep reading over the next year to see how many of these movies live up to my expectations and end up in my year-end Top 25 and let us know which movies you’re most looking forward to in the new year in the comments below.