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Maleficent Best Angelina Jolie Movies


They say there aren’t many true movie stars in the world anymore, but however many we actually have left, Angelina Jolie is certainly one of them. The actress and filmmaker has been making movies since Hal Ashby’s Looking to Get Out in 1982 (after which she took several years off, presumably to grow up), before gradually gaining respect as a thespian and outsider icon in the 1990s with a series of films that – for the most part – didn’t entirely deserve her. 

Indeed, Angelina Jolie is usually the best part of any movie in which she appears, but over the decades she has managed to appear in about a dozen films we can honestly recommend as a whole. With her blockbuster fantasy movie Maleficent recently debuting on home video and her second film behind the camera – the Oscar contender Unbroken – hitting theaters on Christmas Day, we thought the time was right to look back on the career of a star whose undeniable magnetism, talent and beauty has inspired audiences for years. These are our picks for the 11 Best Angelina Jolie Movies.

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