CS Video: The Penguins of Madagascar Voice Cast



After appearing as the comic relief in three of DreamWorks Animation’s “Madagascar” movies, The Penguins of Madagascar are finally getting their own movie, and we’ll have a chance to see Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private as they’re meant to be seen, in their full secret agent action-comedy glory.

The last time we saw the Penguins they were in Europe trying to get back home, but since then, they’ve branched off on their own to face the very evil menace of one Dr. Octavius Brine (voiced by John Malkovich), who happens to be someone from the penguin’s past. Helping them out, or at least trying to, is the undercover animal protection organization known as the North Wind, including their husky canine leader only known as CLASSIFIED (Benedict Cumberbatch) along with his associate Short Fuse (Ken Jeong).

Now normally, one might be skeptical about a company like DreamWorks Animation doing a spin-off movie from a successful series, but The Penguins of Madagascar is as clever and subversive as it is funny. It’s almost as if Tom McGrath, the voice of Skipper and the co-director of the “Madagascar” movies, had been hatching his own evil plan to get the characters voiced by himself and some of his colleagues in the DWA animation department into their own movie all along.

ComingSoon.net asked him about this at the New York junket for the movie where he was paired with doctor-turned-comedian Ken Jeong—the two of them clearly having way too much fun together—plus we also talked with Cumberbatch and Malkovich. You can see the results of said interviews in the video player below. 

The Penguins of Madagascar opens nationwide on Wednesday, November 26.