Shrek 4 and Shrek the Halls Updates


While Shrek the Third isn’t even out in theatres yet, the DreamWorks Animation team is already working on Shrek 4. When visited PDI (Pacific Design Images) in the Bay area recently, production designed Guillaume Aretos was really tight-lipped about the film, but he did say it was definitely in the works.

“We know there is a ‘Shrek 4’ and I know the story. It’s actually very good and very funny,” he confessed. But, when asked if it’s in pre-production, Aretos smiled and said, “I am going to use the Scooter Libby thing. I do not recall.”

We did manage however to find out a little more about another project called “Shrek the Halls,” which is a half-hour Christmas special that will air on ABC. Art director Peter Zaslav told us that while there will be a couple of new characters, it will primarily consist of ones that we are already familiar with.

“We’re visiting some old environments and all the core groups of characters. It really integrates seamlessly, I think, with taking place where ‘Shrek the Third’ left off,” Zaslay said.

We couldn’t help but ask if it was going to be anything like the “Star Wars Christmas Special.”

Zaslay laughed, “Hopefully not, unless it’s cult classic kind of status. It’s actually going to be on for fifteen years every Christmas. That’s the plan. So it has to be visually and story-wise up with all the ‘Shrek’ films in terms of quality. So far it’s looking really good.”

We also wondered about the spin-off with Puss in Boots. Tim Cheung, the head of character animation, admitted it is a possibility.

“I think there’s always been talk with these characters to [do it]. This is a huge franchise for DreamWorks so I think if all things line up, I think they’d be interested in doing stuff like that. I haven’t heard anything yet exactly but I just work here. They tell me what to do.” also got a sneak peek at footage from Shrek the Third which you can read about here! An interview with co-directors Chris Miller and Raman Hui and producer Aron Warner is available here.