Ben Affleck’s Batman and 30 Other Superhero Movie Debuts


Zack Snyder sent social media ablaze yesterday with his stylish debut of Ben Affleck’s Batman from the upcoming Batman vs. Superman. Today, we’ve decided to take a look back at 30 other movie superheroes and the images that debuted them to the public.

Before not too long ago, movie characters made their “first appearances” to audiences in the same place as the main attraction: as trailers or posters at the theater. Due to the vast expansion of social media in the past two decades, the mode by which reveals are first delivered to curious fans is ever-evolving and, as such, the past two decades are the primary focus of the below slideshow. If anyone has stories of older methods of promotion used for classic superhero adaptations, however, we’d love to hear about them in the comments!

Although the following list is largely in chronological order, we’re opening with a special super-villain debut awfully close to our hearts. Longtime readers will be sure to catch a few nostalgic moments and it’s a good bet that, at least once, you’ll remember being pleasantly surprised by a costume or character you thought you’d hate (or vice versa)!

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