CS Video Interview: Shailene Woodley on Divergent


Divergent, based on the popular book series, takes us to a near future version of Chicago, a ravaged metropolis fenced in after an ambiguous “war.” Citizens are divided into five factions to maintain order: Abnegation for the charitable, Amity for pacifists, Candor for the honest and judicious, Dauntless for the brave, and Erudite for the intellectual. At age 16, citizens undergo an aptitude test which determines whether they should stay within the factions they’re born into or choose their own. Those who belong to no faction are dubbed the Factionless. And then there are the “Divergents” or individuals who fall into more than one group, making them extremely rare – and extremely hunted.

Such is the case for Tris (Shailene Woodley), a Divergent who chooses to abandon her family in Abnegation for Dauntless. As a member of Dauntless, Tris not only finds camaraderie with the mysterious Four (Theo James) but also uncovers an insidious plan to engage factions in a deadly fight for control.

We sat down with Shailene Woodley to talk about the action-packed ride. You can watch the interview below and stay tuned for more interviews next week! Divergent bows on March 21 and is the first installment of a planned trilogy with sequels Insurgent and Allegiant hitting theaters in 2015 and 2016, respectively.

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