November 10 Blu-ray, Digital and DVD Releases

Welcome to’s November 10 Blu-ray, Digital HD and DVD column! We’ve highlighted this week’s releases in detailed write-ups of different titles below! Click each highlighted title to purchase through Amazon!

New Movies on Blu-ray/DVD

Bill & Ted Face the Music

Yet to fulfill their rock and roll destiny, the stakes are higher than ever for the now middle-aged Bill and Ted who set out on a new adventure when a visitor from the future warns them that only their song can save life as we know it.


In Disney’s MULAN, a fearless young woman risks everything out of love for her family and her country to become one of the greatest warriors China has ever known.


In this spellbinding thriller, a psychologist puts her life in danger when she finds herself drawn to a mysterious murder suspect who claims to possess godlike powers.

The Curse of Audrey Earnshaw

A devout community suffering from a plague is torn apart by the forces of witchcraft, black magic, and possession.

Spontaneous (DVD)

Get ready for the most outrageous coming-of-age love story about growing up…and blowing up! When students in their school begin exploding (literally…), seniors Mara and Dylan struggle to survive in a world where each moment may be their last.

Secret Zoo (DVD)

Dissatisfied with his temp position at a well-known law firm, attorney Tae-su takes an unexpected assignment to help revitalize a failing zoo.

Charlie’s Christmas Wish (DVD) (exclusive clip)

In this heartwarming holiday drama starring Aiden Turner (“Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”), a troubled war vet finds new hope over the holidays thanks to his son’s feisty pet terrier.

Le Choc Du Futur (DVD)

In the Paris of 1978, old formulas do not charm listeners anymore in a male-dominated music industry. Until Ana (Alma Jodorowsky) uses her synthetizers to make herself heard, creating a new sound that will mark the decades to come : the music of the future.

A Girl Missing (DVD)

Ichiko is a private home-nurse who has worked for the elder matriarch of the Oishos for years and regards them as her own family. Ichiko’s quiet, routine life is shattered when a young member of the Oishos clan is kidnapped. When it’s revealed that the kidnapper is none other than Ichiko’s nephew, her life begins to unravel in this taut thriller from one of Japan’s current cinematic masters.

You’re Looking At Me Like I Live Here And I Don’t (DVD)

Lee Gorewitz is a feisty, opinionated woman given to philosophical ruminations on the nature of things, even as she struggles to navigate the increasingly confused and confusing landscape of Alzheimer’s disease. An immersive documentary that challenges preconceptions of illness and aging.

Book Club

Bram Stoker’s Dracula Starring Bela Lugosi

15 years after the novel’s publication, Dracula creator and author Bram Stoker passed away. He never got a chance to see how actor Bela Lugosi’s ground-breaking stage and screen portrayal of his character electrified and terrified audiences in the late 20s and early 30s. This performance became iconic and set the standard by which all actors taking on the caped mantle would be judged. With a story so rich in detail and atmosphere, the version of Dracula that Lugosi starred in departed significantly from Stoker’s original gothic tale. Now, for the first time, Bram Stoker’s classic tale of horror and Bela Lugosi are properly introduced in an all-new graphic novel. With the cooperation of Lugosi LLC, Artist El Garing, Art Director Kerry Gammill, and adaptor Robert Napton take us on a journey into the heart of Stoker’s masterpiece and reminds modern audiences why Bela Lugosi is Dracula


The Brides of Dracula

Marianne (Yvonne Monlaur), a beautiful young girl, is stranded en route to a teaching assignment in Eastern Europe. She is persuaded to spend the night at the nearly deserted castle of the mysterious Baroness Meinster (Martita Hunt). In the castle, Marianne accidentally discovers a man chained to the wall in his room. The Baroness explains only that he is her “sick and feeble-minded” son. Unable to get any further information from her or the maid, Marianne steals a key and sets him free. But once unbound, the man—Baron Meinster (David Peel)—fiendishly recruits the undead for his evil purposes while Marianne and Dr. Van Helsing (Peter Cushing) try to stop him in this classic Hammer Film.

Amazon Women on the Moon

Amazon Women on the Moon is a madcap send-up of late-night TV, low-budget sci-fi films and canned-laughter-filled sitcoms packed with off-the-wall sketches that will have you in stitches. Centered around a television station which features a 1950s-style sci-fi movie interspersed with a series of wild commercials, wacky shorts and weird specials, this lampoon of contemporary life and pop culture skewers some of the silliest spectacles ever created in the name of entertainment. Co-directed by Joe Dante, John Landis, Carl Gottlieb, Peter Horton and Robert K. Weiss; and written by Michael Barrie and Jim Mulholland.

Play Misty for Me

Clint Eastwood’s directorial debut is the suspenseful thriller about a California disc jockey who has an affair with an obsessed fan turned dangerous.

Mulan (4K)

A girl pretends to be a man and takes her father’s place in the army.

Tennessee Johnson

The studio found an ideal role for Heflin in Andrew Johnson, the Tennessee tailor-turned-senator who broke with the South, rose to the vice presidency under Abraham Lincoln and soon became after Lincolns assassination the first U.S. president to face impeachment.

Death Laid an Egg

A love triangle develops between three people who run a high tech chicken farm. It involves Anna (who owns the farm), her husband Marco (who kills prostitutes in his spare time) and Gabriella (the very beautiful secretary). Marco continues to kill as jealousy becomes more prevalent on the farm.

Burst City

In a derelict industrial wasteland somewhere on the outskirts of Tokyo, two rival punk bands and their unruly mobs of fans gather for a Battle of the Bands-style protest against the construction of a nuclear powerplant, bringing them head to head with the yakuza industrialists behind the development of their turf.

The Untold Story

In 1978 in Hong Kong, a grisly murder takes place. Eight years later, on a Macao beach, kids discover the severed hands of a fresh victim. A squadron of coarse, happy-go-lucky cops investigate, and suspicion falls on Wong Chi Hang, the new owner of Eight Immortals Restaurant, which serves delicious pork bun. The hands belong to the missing mother of the restaurant’s former owner; he and his family have disappeared; staff at the restaurant continue to go missing; and, Wong can’t produce a signed bill of sale: but there’s no evidence.

New On Digital HD

Blindfire (exclusive clip) (via virtual cinema on November 13 and Digital/VOD November 20)

The racially charged film, starring Brian Geraghty (“Chicago PD,” The Hurt Locker), Sharon Leal, Bethany Joy Lenz, Edwina Findley Dickerson, Jim Beaver and Chiké Okonkwo, along with Wayne Brady, explores the aftermath of a tragedy involving a white cop who is accused of wrongfully shooting and killing a Black man.

The Giant (exclusive clip) (On Demand November 13)

When her first love suddenly reappears in her small Georgia town the same night that a series of killings begin, teenage Charlotte (Odessa Young) is forced to reconcile her past and present, her traumas and nostalgia, as it becomes increasingly clear that her life is at risk in ways she never imagined.


When a devastating loss in the ring leaves Lion (Jack O’Connell) and his manager brother Stan (Charlie Hunnam) in debt to a local crime boss, they are forced to risk it all in a bare-knuckle boxing tournament, as the pair fight for a better life.

A Rainy Day in New York

Woody Allen returns to the romantic fields of previous hits Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Midnight in Paris, assembling an all-star cast including Timothée Chalamet, Elle Fanning, Selena Gomez, Jude Law, Diego Luna and Liev Schreiber, for a charming, comedic tale set amidst the dizzying streets of The Big Apple, as romantic weekend plans are soon dashed as quickly as the sunlight turns to showers.

The Broken Hearts Gallery

After being dumped by her boyfriend, Lucy creates a gallery for the items love has left behind and discovers she is not the only one who needs a little help letting go.

TV on Blu-ray and DVD

The Last Dance (exclusive clip)

ESPN’s The Last Dance, the wildly popular and Emmy Award Winner for Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Series, will debut as a limited time Blu-ray Gift Set on November 10 complete with never-before-seen bonus interviews. The 10-part documentary follows Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls on theirquest to win their sixth NBA championship in eight year

Saturday Night Live: The Best of Seasons 1-5 (DVD)

The first five years of Saturday Night Live featured some of the most beloved cast members of all time, including Chevy Chase, John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Garrett Morris, Bill Murray, Gilda Radner, Jane Curtin, and Laraine Newman – the “Not Ready For Prime Time Players.” They set the stage for some of the most hilarious television comedy, and it was all live! Now the best of the original cast is available unlike ever before. They’re still not ready for prime time, but now you can watch them any time!

Schitt’s Creek: The Complete Collection (DVD)

When rich video-store magnate Johnny Rose and his family suddenly find themselves broke, they are forced to leave their pampered lives to regroup in Schitt’s Creek.


Marvel and DC