CS Feature: Michael Shannon Reflects on Bad Boys II

CS Interview: Michael Shannon Reflects on Bad Boys II

Long before Michael Shannon (The Shape of Water) became an Oscar and Golden Globe nominee, he was frequently seen on screen in smaller, antagonistic performances, including the fan-favorite blockbuster action-comedy Bad Boys II. While chatting with the star for his upcoming crime thriller The Quarry, ComingSoon.net reflected back on his time on the Michael Bay-helmed actioner given the franchise’s return in January with the well-received threequel.

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In the 2003 blockbuster, Shannon starred as Floyd Poteet, a member of the Miami chapter of the Ku Klux Klan involved with the smuggling of ecstasy into the city from Cuban drug lord Johnny Tapia. After being arrested by iconic duo Mike Lowery (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence), during which he has his earshot off, he is coerced into helping the duo discover the location for the ocean drug drop.

When asked about the return of the hit series and whether he’s seen this year’s Bad Boys For Life yet, Shannon mentions he “didn’t go see it,” but that after working with stars Alexander Ludwig (Vikings) and Charles Melton (Riverdale) for the upcoming sports drama Swing, in which Shannon plays their university rowing coach, he wants to see it just for them.

“They were great fellas, they were real talented so I should probably get around to seeing it, because I’d like to see them do something,” Shannon described. “But I haven’t seen it yet. My fondest memory of Bad Boys II was getting to hang out with Henry Rollins, that was pretty badass.”

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Rollins, best known for his work in the band Black Flag as well as roles in The ChaseFeast and He Never Died, played the leader of the Tactical Narcotics Team squad making the assault on the Klan in the film’s opening sequence. Whilst shooting the opening sequence, Shannon “got the hang out with him all night” in the swamp area, lamenting how the scene “took forever” to shoot.

“They wouldn’t let us go back to the trailers because they were too far away, so we’re just sitting there in the swamp and he would tell me stories about gigs being played,” Shannon recalled. “He talked a lot about Iggy Pop, but he was a super cool guy.”

The original Bad Boys, Mike Lowry (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence), are back. After a string of assassinations and an attempt on Mike’s life, he convinces a hesitant Marcus to hold off retirement and partner one last time. Together, they team up with AMMO, the new hotshot division of the Miami PD, to take down the merciless head of the Aretas Cartel. Rounding out the cast are Vanessa Hudgens (Spring Breakers), Alexander Ludwig (TV’s Vikings), Charles Melton (TV’s Riverdale), Paola Nuñez (TV’s The Purge), Kate del Castillo (The Book of Life), award-winning recording artist Nicky Jam and Bad Boys franchise veteran Joe Pantoliano.

Bad Boys for Life was produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, Will Smith and Doug Belgrad, executive produced by Chad Oman, Barry Waldman, Mike Stenson and James Lassiter and directed by Adil & Bilall and is available on digital platforms now.

The Quarry is set to hit digital platforms and VOD on Friday!


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