CS Recommends: Doom Eternal, Plus Books, Music & More!


CS Recommends: Doom Eternal, Plus Books, Music & More!

CS Recommends: Doom Eternal, Plus Books, Music & More!

Stuck inside? Don’t know what to watch/read/play/listen to? ComingSoon.net has got you covered. This week we kick off CS Recommends, where our staff will give you solid tips on the best media to consume during your downtime. Check out our picks below!

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MAX EVRY’S RECOMMEND: Universal Horror Collection Volume 4

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A gift to classic horror lovers, Scream Factory has been putting out these incredible box sets featuring lesser-known Universal Pictures horror entries from the 30’s and 40’s. They may not have Dracula or Frankenstein, but movies like Night Monster and The Climax feature Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, Lionel Atwill and other terror staples of the time. Like the three previous sets, this one comes with four movies each on their own disc, along with a colorful booklet showcasing vintage posters and stills. My favorite is 1946’s House of Horrors (previously shown on MeTV’s Svengoolie), starring the incomparable Rondo Hatton as a gruesome-looking maniac known as The Creeper who becomes the inspiration for a mad sculptor.

KYLIE HEMMERT’S RECOMMEND: Stephen King’s The Shining (Novel)

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Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 film adaption of Stephen King’s The Shining will always stand alone as a horror classic, and rightfully so. At the same time, once you have actually read the book you understand completely why King has never been a fan of the movie. The master of horror’s novel is a strikingly different beast, one carefully curated around fully fleshed-out and relatable characters navigating complex familial relationships within a very personal narrative. The story is riddled with themes of family, addiction, and generational trauma driving much of the motivations of each character as well as the plot. The tone and themes are uniquely woven into the rising tension as the Torrance family is essentially trapped in the haunted Overlook Hotel, and while the horror plays a significant role, the book is a true example of what makes King fantastic at writing characters. For example, the relationship between father and son, Jack and young Danny, the special boy whose gift is as cursed as it is wondrous, is far more profound in the source material than what Kubrick — who clearly wanted to focus elsewhere — accomplished in the adaptation. Wendy Torrance is also made to be even more fascinating and layered, while the hotel’s cook, Dick Hallorann, is allowed to play a more significant role.

Jack Nicholson’s turn as Jack Torrance will always be iconic in one of the most memorable and referenced horror movies in the genre. But those who skip over King’s novel are missing out on one of the best character and family-driven horror tales ever written. For those who prefer audiobooks, I’ll add that Campbell Scott performs a wonderful narration that will have you glued to your headphones for hours.

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GRANT HERMANNS’ RECOMMENDATION: Bob Marley & The Wailers – Legend 35th Anniversary 2LP

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Whether you’re looking to raise your spirits, think of the good times or set a relaxing mood for your party, there are few better musicians, or albums, to play than the fantastic Bob Marley & the Wailers album Legend. A greatest hits collection of 16 singles from the late reggae singer and his group, including iconic “Three Little Birds,” “One Love” and “Jamming,” as well as adding the two original UK-only cassette bonus tracks “Easy Skanking” and “Punky Reggae Party.” The smooth sounds of reggae instruments combined with the soulful voice of Marley helped launch it as the best-selling reggae album of all-time, but it’s so much more than that. It’s an upbeat and moving collection of songs that will always stand the test of time and can brighten even the darkest of days. My personal favorite song is “Redemption Song,” ironically not the most upbeat in the album and yet there’s something about its powerful messages and quiet nature that stirs up a feeling of joy and warmth in me every time I listen to it, or even sing it in a moment of silence in my life.

MAGGIE DELA PAZ’S RECOMMEND: Sky Castle (South Korean Drama Series)

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Set in a fictional high-end gated community where its residents are comprised of doctors and law school professors working at an acclaimed hospital and university, Sky Castle follows the story of four families and how their lives will get interconnected by their greediness of fulfilling their desires of becoming the best among each other. At the center of this are four housewives who will do everything they can, even at the cost of others, in order to make their children qualify for the top universities in South Korea. Sky Castle is a 20-episode satirical drama which aired from 2018-2019. The series offers a well-executed storyline about social classes and family while also effectively reflecting Korea’s very competitive educational system. Due to its positive reviews and popularity, it became a big hit all throughout Asia and is currently the highest rated drama in the history of Korean cable television.

What I love the most about the series is its incredible performances from its stellar cast, most especially scenes involving its five leading actresses consist of Yum Jung-Ah, Yoon Se-Ah, Lee Tae-Ran, Oh Na-Ra and Kim Seo-Hyung. All of them are great actresses in their own right while their collective chemistry and talent are clearly commendable. However, the performances of the actors who played their children are also something you should definitely look out for. So, if you’re a fan of Big Little Lies, Desperate Housewives or great acting in general, this satirical drama is definitely what you’re looking for.


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Take your frustrations with the world out on a hoard of Hellish, gun-wielding monsters in this sequel to the 2016 Bethesda Softworks classic — itself inspired by the original Doom released in 1993. With a plethora of weapons, including flame throwers, rocket launchers, machine guns, plasma rifles, shotguns, a chainsaw and that bad ass BFG 9000, players literally take on Hell itself as the Slayer, a soldier who enjoys dishing out an extreme brand of justice that typically results in lots and lots of blood and carnage. This time, the action moves to Earth in a story that promises to expand the Doom universe farther than before, while the gameplay promises even more bonkers action. There are a couple of multiplayer options, but the meat of the package is a lengthy single-player campaign that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own quarantined home. Get ready to kick some serious demon ass!

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