CS Video: The Voice Cast of Disney’s Frozen


Looking for something to warm your heart as we roll into winter? Disney’s got you covered with Frozen. (Come on; it was too easy and the film deserves it!)

Growing up, sisters Anna and Elsa (voiced by Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel) were inseparable. However, when Elsa’s ability to conjure snow and ice starts to grow out of control, Elsa resorts to seclusion to keep her loved ones safe. With Arendelle buried in wintry elements right in the middle of summer, it’s up to Anna, a mountain man named Kristoff (Jonathan Groff), his reindeer Sven and Olaf (Josh Gad), a living, breathing snowman with a thing for warm hugs, to track down Elsa and thaw the kingdom once and for all.

Frozen‘s been a long time coming for the Mouse House. There’s even attempts at adapting Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen dating back to the 1940s. But it wasn’t until writer/director Chris Buck and co. considered the idea that Anna and the Snow Queen could be sisters that the project took on a new form, one that had the potential to turn the film into an experience moviegoers could connect to and enjoy.

The time has finally come and to ring in Frozen‘s big debut, ComingSoon.net got the chance to sit down with voice cast members Bell, Menzel and Gad as well as writer/co-director Jennifer Lee and producer Peter Del Vecho to discuss where the film fits into the Disney legacy, the actors’ personal connections to their characters, “efforts,” Marshmallows and more. Catch it all for yourself in the video interview below.

Frozen opens at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood tomorrow and will be released nationwide on Wednesday, November 27.

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