POLL: What is the Best Stephen King Movie?


POLL: What is the Best Stephen King Movie?

POLL: What is the best Stephen King movie?

With Mike Flanagan’s highly-anticipated adaptation of Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep in theaters now, ComingSoon.net is taking a deep dive back into the horror icon’s cinematic library and asking our readers to vote on what they believe is the best Stephen King movie. Take a look at the poll below and vote now!

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The adaptation train first started rolling with the teen supernatural horror Carrie in 1976 and thanks to the film’s success sparked multiple studios’ interests in bringing the author’s works to life. The subsequent translations of his works would see everything from critically acclaimed hits such as The Shining, Misery and The Dead Zone to more mixed reviewed cult classics such as Children of the CornCujo and Christine. While he is most known for his horror-related works, he has ventured into more strictly dramatic territory, which helped spawn the acclaimed films The Shawshank Redemption, Stand By Me and The Green Mile.

After going on hiatus from taking shots at it for a few years, Hollywood began looking to bring King’s works to the big screen once again with 2013’s Carrie remake and after a handful of poorly-received attempts, namely 2016’s Cell and 2017’s The Dark Tower, gold was struck once again with Andy Muschietti’s It, which received rave reviews from critics and audiences and was a major box office hit. This year has seen another handful of mixed results, with the highly-anticipated It: Chapter Two still raking in the money, but much lower than its predecessor and receiving more mixed reviews from critics. Another attempt at adapting Pet Sematary also hit the big screen early this year, which received better reviews than the 1989 version and scared up over $110 million, but still polarized critics and audiences alike.

Netflix is also taking stabs at adapting King’s works into films, with Gerald’s Game and 1922 earning rave reviews from critics and audiences alike, while the most recent In the Tall Grass has received a more mixed-to-negative reception from critics.