The 7 Cheesiest Movie Death Scenes is taking a look at some of the cheesiest death scenes in cinema. Check out our picks in the galley below!

The hardest thing for an actor to portray on screen is genuine emotion. An even harder thing to act out is a death scene; performers oftentimes find themselves flirting with the fine line between what is riveting and what is cheesy. As they take their last breath, close their eyes (or leave them open), things can go south fast, and not just for the character.

In order to avoid the proverbial cheese, many actors make the mistake of overacting (or underacting); they give their all in the hopes that effort will be enough. Unfortunately, it takes an indefinite amount of tact to die gracefully on screen. Here are some characters who tried their best to go out dignified death scenes, but ended up making us roll our eyes.


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