The Best JLo Performances Before Hustlers You Forgot About


The Best JLo Performances Before Hustlers You Forgot About is taking a look at some of the most memorable roles in Jennifer Lopez‘s filmography. Check out our picks in the gallery below!

A lot of Oscar buzz has been surrounding JLo’s latest turn as a mentoring exotic dancer in the movie Hustlers. With an epic and prevalent music career, it’s easy to forget that she’s been acting for a very long time. While a good chunk of her films may not have exactly been well-received by critics she’s definitely given it her all.

Unfortunately, not all actors are given the respect they deserve as performers until they are in a string of well-received movies. In the case of Jennifer Lopez, whose roles have seemed limited to rom-coms and B movie thrillers, her resume doesn’t reflect her ability as an actress. In honor of Jenny from the block finally getting the kind of thespian attention she deserves, here’s a look at some roles she acted the heck out of.

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