The Five Most Unconventional Movie Leads


unconventional film leads

The five most unconventional movie leads is venturing into the abstract to determine which main characters are the most unique. Check out our picks in the gallery below!

In 2019, it seems that leads unlikely to rock the boat are all we’re used to seeing on screen. It hasn’t always been like this—before studios were obsessed with IP and brand loyalty and maximum profits for minimal work, there were real producers willing to take real risks on creative projects. Naturally, these projects proved to be pretty unusual with leads that were far from conventional.

Surely there are countless examples, but these five demonstrate just a few of the most exemplary instances of out-of-the-box thinking. It’d be nice to see studios return to this sort of filmmaking soon—with one example coming from as recently as 2016, this shouldn’t be too hard. From animate dead corpses to a Frankenstein-esque creature with real heart, these are five of the most unconventional film leads.