The Best Jack Ryan Adaptations Ranked

In response to Season 2 of Amazon’s Jack is taking a look at every adaptation the Tom’s Clancy character—ranking them for worst to best. Check out our take in the gallery below!

Novelist Tom Clancy is best known for his spy-driven and militaristic books; his most well-known literary character is that of Jack Ryan. The C.I.A  analyst’s first appearance was in Clancy’s premiere novel, The Hunt for Red October. The character is featured in over 20 books; there has been a lot of material for filmmakers to dive into, and they have. With 5 film adaptations so far and now (as you know), an Amazon series that aims to cover any and all of its source material.

Adapting a character and their story is never an easy task for Hollywood; often the details come to fruition differently while other things are embellished. Amazon’s series is definitely going the more action-oriented route and seems to be all the better for it. Here is a look at all of the Jack Ryan adaptations and the actors who have played the iconic character.


Marvel and DC