The 10 Definitive Summer Movies

The 10 definitive summer movies can’t stand the heat, so we’re headed inside to watch some movies. Check out our picks for the best summer movies in the gallery below!

A great summer movie exists to emulate all the very best parts of the season. We’re not talking about blockbusters—although a blockbuster could qualify as a summer movie if it takes place in June, July, or August, of course. We’re talking about movies that feature plenty of heat, plenty of summer looks, and plenty of summer activities. Whether it be a movie about summer camp, a movie about summer heat, or a movie about summer activities, these summer films are practically essential viewing right now.

Like we said, you’re going to see some crossover here: there are some blockbusters—big-budget studio features released to great box office numbers, typically featuring plenty of action and intrigue—that set themselves during the summer months, so there’s a bit of crossover here. Most of these films are pretty grounded, though. Just turn one of these films on if you’re looking to extend summer break just a little bit longer.