movies based on same story

Movies You Didn’t Know Were Based On The Same Stories

Believe it or not, has compiled a collection of films that are based on the same source material. Check out our findings in the gallery below!

Short stories, novels, plays, true stories, even popular toys—they all serve as the source material for countless feature films. Dating back to the very start of the industry, with the works of William Shakespeare and the parables from the Bible being the most-mined works, there’s no way to quantify just how many adaptations there have been throughout the years. Naturally, because of the sheer number of them, there have been all kinds of instances where multiple films rely on the same source material.

What’s interesting about this fact is just how different each film manages to be despite coming from the same story. No matter if it’s two movies based on a real person that employ two very different genres or multiple horror films that rely on the same serial killer for inspiration, these movies are all exceptional for their ability to keep things interesting even if the plot’s familiar.


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