The 5 Best Moments From David Leitch Movies


best moments from david leitch movies

The 5 best moments from David Leitch movies is loving #1 movie in America Hobbs & Shaw! To celebrate, take a look at these five awesome moments from director David Leitch’s previous works!

Action movies are really a sight to see these days, for better or worse. With Disney dominating the market with Marvel movies, Star Wars movies, Pixar movies, and live-action remakes, it takes a lot for other studios to carve out a section of the multiplex for themselves. One way to do this is to put out incredibly stylistic work. David Leitch is one such filmmaker capable of this.

With only three films under his belt so far, one of which is uncredited, David Leitch has proven himself to be one of the most compelling and unique up-and-coming directors in the game. With the release of his fourth film, Hobbs & Shaw, it’s more than worth taking a look at some of the absolute best moments from his films to date. From John Wick to Atomic Blonde to Deadpool 2, these are the best moments from David Leitch movies.