The 10 Most Iconic Food Moments in Film


The 10 Most Iconic Food Moments in Film

The 10 Most Iconic Food Moments in Film has selected some of the most memorable moments of “nourishment” depicted on screen. Check out our picks in the gallery below!

It is often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day—for some characters, the most important meal is one witnessed by an audience of billions. While films like The Thomas Crown Affair shamelessly promote products like Pepsi One, other films tastefully use food to paint a more vivid picture of their story’s world and characters. Food almost always affects the plot of a film, because, well everyone has to eat. Would Lady and the Tramp ever have fallen for one another without spaghetti? Seeing someone enjoy a meal, chug a beverage or consume anything (even if it’s in a strange/humorous way) makes them a more relatable persona onscreen.

A movie’s ability to include miniature yet iconic moments with the help of various articles of consumption can add to its enjoyability. Rocky needed protein in his diet to properly train for his fight with Apollo Creed (hence the eggs). Here’s a collection of some food-based moments in cinema history (excluding films that have edible titles like Chocolat, Eat Pray Love, etc.)—people eating things.

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