The 7 Coolest MacGuffins in Film has searched through all of the complexities of film and found some of the most poignant, hilarious and irrelevant MacGuffins the silver screen has to offer. Check out our picks in the gallery below!

Sometimes writers just need to move the story along or motivate characters without the narrative becoming a convoluted mess. This is where Macguffins come in, an object, character, device—anything that moves the plot forward but doesn’t necessarily mean anything (although sometimes they do mean something…like ALOT). Some of the greatest films feature tropes, themes and things like MacGuffins are beautiful and iconic; they stick out in our minds as a cornerstone of cinema.

Ironically, people debate online, in person, everywhere trying to pinpoint the actual nature of the more meaningless MacGuffins; truth is, sometimes they don’t really mean anything—even when we think they do, they really just exist to move the plot forward. The most powerful things in life, especially in film, simply exist just for the sake of existence. Here’s a collection of some well-known MacGuffins that have elevated their respective films to iconic status.


Marvel and DC