The 5 Best Movies That Take Place In The Wild


best movies in the wild

The 5 best movies that take place in the wild is packing up a bindle and heading out into the woods to find the best movies that take place in the wild. Check out what we found in the gallery below!

More movies should take place outside. It’s one thing to utilize meticulously crafted sets and engrossing production design on a Hollywood set, but it’s something completely different to scout and shoot at some of the greatest locations nature has to offer. Setting one’s film in the wild is honestly one of the most interesting choices a filmmaker can make, and these films prove that.

Now, a movie that takes place in the wild doesn’t have to be set in the middle of the wood (although it certainly helps, for sure). The wild can be defined as anything outside of a city or a suburb, anything that immerses itself in a landscape that isn’t civilized yet or hasn’t been civilized for a long time. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best movies that take place in the wild.

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