movies about fugitives

The 10 Best Movies About Fugitives is running from the law in an effort to compile the best movies about fugitives. Check out our picks in the gallery below!

Thrillers differ from horror movies because they don’t have to be about big scares or blood and gore—they just have to get your heart pounding. For this reason, action movies often venture into thriller territory. A drama can be a thriller, too, if the story is gripping enough. To be even more specific, action movies and dramas about fugitives might be the best way to get that pulse up.

A main character (or two) on the run makes for a very thrilling, very suspenseful narrative. With great examples spanning from 1935 to as recently as 2007, this very common ground for films proves to be endlessly engrossing. Whether they’re running from the law, from another person, from their past, or from themselves, these movies about fugitives are practically perfect.


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