Tony Hale is as Overwhelmed That He's in Toy Story 4 as His Character, Forky

Tony Hale is as Overwhelmed That He’s in Toy Story 4 as His Character, Forky

It’s not hard to see why Tony Hale was the perfect choice for Toy Story 4‘s Forky, a spork filled with overwhelming existential dread, he’s been playing characters that have that (and ever increasing curiosity) for years. In fact, it was those previous characters he played that got him to play the part.

“They attached my voice from the shows I do to Forky, which includes kind of a curiosity and kind of an anxiety and kind of an overwhelmed feeling. And I think what I resonated the most with him is I am still overwhelmed with the fact that I’m here. I was very overwhelmed that I was on Pixar’s campus recording in what was pretty much a creative wonderland. And so, I felt very much like Forky, where I’m just like, I don’t know what’s happening, but I’ll go with it. And they were so warm and so hospitable and we talked about his voice and just how curious he is all the time and just full of wonder. And but also, unashamed about it, you know? Of course he’s going to ask questions because why wouldn’t he and why is everybody dropping to the ground when these humans, or whatever these giants are walking in.”

In a funny inverse of the first Toy Story movie, Forky’s own path similarly follows Buzz Lightyear’s own story from the first Toy Story movie as he learns he’s a toy and accepts he’s not what he thoguht he was. There is one clear distinction though.

“Buzz never thought he was trash, though…. Buzz is like, I’m amazing,” Hale said.

The actor also added he hadn’t pieced that together from his time working on the movie how Forky’s story was a mirror of Buzz’s (while further confirming he was right for the role.

“If I’m being completely honest, I think that first session with Pixar, I was completely checked out and I don’t really remember much of it because I was like, what the hell am I doing here? What’s happening? Someone is going to wake up to the fact that they’ve made a mistake and I’m not supposed to be here. So I’m sure they did explain all of that to me, and I was like, sure, sure, sure, and I was completely not there. But yeah, I think again, it’s just that kind of wide-eyed—I do remember them always saying he doesn’t understand the rules and how that is an angle that’s really fun to explore, whereas everybody else got it, and he was like, I have no idea what you guys are doing. This trash is my home. I’m helping people eat soup.”

Toy Story 4 opens in theaters this Friday, June 21! Get your tickets by clicking here!


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