Best Dogs In Film


best dogs in film

Best dogs in film is asking you to sit, stay, and lie down as we go over the best dogs in film history. Check out our selections in the gallery below!

The only thing better than a delightful human sidekick for a movie’s hero would have to be a lovable and charismatic animal by their side. For as long as dogs continue to be man’s best friend, we can be certain that they’ll continue to stick with lead characters across film and television alike. Frankly, we love to see it.

Honestly, dogs might make better on-screen sidekicks than humans. They can’t deliver their lines poorly because they can’t talk (without the help of CGI, that is), they can’t be accused of being a bad actor because they aren’t really acting in a traditional sense (they’re just trying to be a good boy or a good girl, depending on the dog), and they can’t become sellouts because they aren’t interested in material things (unless there’s a squeaker inside). With this in mind, let’s all admire the best dogs in film.

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