The 5 Best Gadgets In The Men In Black Universe


men in black gadgets

The 5 best gadgets in the Men in Black universe is suiting up in an attempt to remind our newly-neuralized minds of the best gadgets in the Men in Black universe. Check out our picks in the gallery below!

After the success of Men in Black 3, the obvious move was for the series to continue on. However, due to busy schedules and creative differences, no one really knew how this was going to happen. Thankfully, the future of the Men in Black franchise has finally become clear: a spinoff, titled Men in Black: International, will see new characters Agent H and agent M—a top agent and a new recruit over at MIB: UK—join familiar faces Agent O and Frank the Pug for a brand-new adventure.

With the upcoming release of Men in Black: International, it’s a lot of fun thinking back on some of the most interesting gadgets the MIB universe has to offer. Weapons, tech, tactical equipment—all have had plenty of time to shine throughout the franchise, but few stand out quite as much as the ones we’ve compiled below. No matter who’s handling them—Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Chris Hemsworth, or Tessa Thompson—these are the best gadgets from the Men in Black universe.