movies that take place in one day

The 10 Best Movies That Take Place in One Day is taking the next 24 hours to look at the greatest movies that take place in one day. Check out our selections in the gallery below!

From 2001: A Space Odyssey to Cloud Atlas to The Tree of Life, the medium of film has often taken advantage of just how sprawling and epic a movie’s timeline can be. That’s why it’s so surprising whenever a filmmaker decides to keep things tight, confining the timeline to 24 hours or less. This creative decision is one of the most impactful, as it adds an immensely urgent tone to the entire ordeal.

Second-best only to playing out in real time, a movie that takes place over the course of one day automatically feels a lot more fast-paced than the average movie with a longer timeline. No matter if its an uproarious comedy or a gripping drama or a trilling piece of science fiction, these movies are prime examples of the 24-hours-or-less gimmick.


Marvel and DC