POLL RESULTS: Will Robert Pattinson Be a Great Batman?


POLL RESULTS: Will Robert Pattinson Be a Great Batman?

POLL RESULTS: Will Robert Pattinson Be a Great Batman?

33-year-old Twilight actor Robert Pattinson will officially play Bruce Wayne/Batman in writer/director Matt Reeves’ The Batman. ComingSoon.net asked its readers whether they like this development or not, and over 5500 of you made your voices heard! Check out the official results of our Robert “Battinson” poll below!

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Do you think Robert Pattinson will be a great Batman?

YES! (51%, 2819 votes)

NO. (49%, 2757 votes)

This is certainly one of our closest and most divisive polls, with the vote nearly split in two but with the pro-Pattinson contingent coming out slightly ahead. The big takeaway is that Warners, Matt Reeves and, yes, Pattinson himself have a lot to prove to sell fans on this particular casting.

Why do you think Robert Pattinson will be a great Batman?

He’s proved to be a sensational actor in indie films. (49%, 1623 votes)

Can’t be worse than Batfleck! (29%, 968 votes)

He’s got the perfect Batman jawline! (10%, 324 votes)

All of the above! (9%, 304 votes)

I’ve loved him since Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire! (3%, 85 votes)

He’s still my Twilight crush! (1%, 42 votes)

It seem’s those in favor of Pattinson are enamored with the recent spate of excellent performances he’s given in films like Good TimeThe Lost City of Z, The Lighthouse and High Life. Pattinson has certainly proven to be more than just a sparkly vampire!

Why do you think Robert Pattinson will NOT be a great Batman?

He just doesn’t seem right for the role! (48%, 1728 votes)

All of the above! (21%, 764 votes)

He doesn’t have the bod to be Batman! (19%, 694 votes)

Batfleck forever! (12%, 418 votes)

As is typical for the internet, the majority of fans don’t even know WHY they hate Pattinson for the part, only that they do and they will not rest until their voice is heard and Armie Hammer is cast!

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A heavy runner-up for the role was another Englishman, Tolkien and Dark Phoenix star Nicholas Hoult, who made a dueling audition tape to Pattinson’s. Although the studio liked both actors, it is said that Reeves’ preference was for Pattinson, who has the Cannes film The Lighthouse opening later this year and will next co-star in Tenet for previous Batman filmmaker Christopher Nolan. Reeves’ film will feature a younger Batman, a major reason behind former Batman star Ben Affleck vacating the role, and will have a film noir tone focusing more on the character’s detective abilities.

Since his breakout role in the Twilight films, Pattinson has largely stayed away from blockbuster films. His credits include Maps to the StarsQueen of the DesertLifeThe Lost City of Z and Good Time. More recently, Pattinson starred in High Life, a sci-fi/horror film that was released earlier this year.

The Batman will be written and directed by Reeves (Cloverfield, Apes franchise), produced by Dylan Clark (War for the Planet of the Apes) and is currently slated to hit theaters on June 25, 2021. Now that the title role is settled, other casting announcements should quickly follow. The film may begin pre-production this summer.

How do you feel about Robert Pattinson as the next Batman? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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