The 5 Best Romance Movies of the Decade


The 5 Best Romance Movies of the Decade

The current decade—though very soon to come to an end—has been characterized by a certain type of romance film. In some ways very contemporary, but in others was entirely unconventional. Not merely films that struggle with sociopolitical factors. Not merely films that portray two characters who don’t realize how good they are for each other, or films that portray two characters who can’t stop being unfaithful. Such frameworks for a story are outmoded and not particularly interesting to most viewers today. In their stead, we are forced to ask, what is love? What is the point of love? Is it to be eternal? Is the only “true” love everlasting, as indicated by the Natalie Cole song at the end of Nancy Meyers’s The Parent Trap?

In the modern era, we can appreciate characters who struggle with the day-to-day drudgery of a lasting relationship of love and the ebbing and flowing of two people who have built a life together. We must ask ourselves, what does it mean for two characters to be “perfect” for each other? Do similar people draw one another, or do opposites attract, as they say? Can a person form a relationship with someone… not human? Can you love someone who doesn’t and could never love you back in the way you love them? These are the questions posed by the best romance films of the decade.

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