best car chases

The 5 Best Movie Car Chases is taking a look at the history of car chases in film and determining which ones are the best of the best. Check out our picks in the gallery below!

There’s nothing like a good car chase. In fact, there are few things comparable to a great car chase. One of these has the ability to completely change the opinions one holds toward a movie up to that point, switching opinions from okay to good—or even good to great. Throughout film history, viewers have been treated to quite a few good car chases. They’ve been treated to even fewer truly great car chases.

Ranging from 1968 to 2015, this compilation of some of Hollywood’s best car chases is as invigorating and energizing as actually being in the car with the characters themselves. Luckily, the movies they’re contained within happen to be stellar, as well.


Marvel and DC