sequels that are different than the first movie

9 Sequels That Are Way Different Than Their Predecessors has compiled a collection of the most unique sequels to date. Check out our picks in the gallery below!

When a movie performs well at the box office (or earns a big enough following in the home release market), the next step is usually to get to work on a sequel. However, there are plenty of instances where a clear-cut sequel is not the obvious move—when leading characters die, when plot lines end, or when roles have to be recast, the filmmakers involved are forced to get creative with how they want to approach the second installment.

Throughout film history, moviegoers have been faced with quite a few sequels that prove to be way different than their predecessors. Naturally, this makes it hard to compare the first films to their sequels, but it also allows for those sequels to be viewed in a completely new light—almost as if they’re completely original, standalone films instead of sequels.


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