actors who appear in the most netflix originals

5 Actors Who Appear in the Most Netflix Originals

5 Actors who appear the most in Netflix Originals is taking a look at the casts of every Netflix original series and determining who shows up most often. Take a look at the results in the gallery below!

Due to their massive prevalence in the conversation surrounding today’s pop culture staples, it’s hard to wrap your head around the face that Netflix Originals have only been around since 2013. In a little over half a decade, the streaming giant has managed to produce over 700 original movies and television shows set all over the world. Naturally, with a number of that size, there’s bound to be some overlap.

Strangely enough, most of the overlapping talent seems to come from the world of North American comedy. Across dramas, cartoons, and comedies, the site has no problem recycling talent. For this reason, avid viewers might recognize a few of these recurring faces in their beloved Netflix Originals.


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