Weird Occurrences On The Sets Of Bible Movies


Occurrences on the sets of Bible movies

Weird occurrences on the sets of Bible movies is taking a look at some of the strangest problems that’ve happened on the sets of movies based on the Bible. Check out our picks in the gallery below!

Spanning centuries and coming in at somewhere well above two thousand pages, it seems obvious to say that the Bible (and countless other religious texts) seem rife for capitalization in the eyes of a movie or television executive, no matter how sacrilegious that might actually be by way of the actual text itself. With billions of Christians on planet Earth, there are obviously going to be all kinds of Biblical epics to try and draw in those billions of patrons.

However, whether you believe it to be divine intervention or some strange coincidence, there always seem to be weird goings-on on the sets of these sorts of projects. From movies about Jesus to movies about exorcisms, it seems that any time the Bible is involved there’s going to be something strange happening behind-the-scenes.