7 Best Movies That Blend Animation and Live-Action


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7 Best Movies That Blend Animation and Live-Action

Comingsoon.net is counting down the seven best films that try to combine animation and live-action. Do you have a personal favorite? Let us know in the comments, but be sure to check out our gallery below first!

Any movie that blends animation and live-action exists in defiance of the science of physics. It is no simple task to blend a three-dimensional plane with a two-dimensional character or vice-versa. These days, the line between animation and live-action becomes more and more blurred. Three-dimensional computer-generated characters are placed more seamlessly into a digital world. Debates rage on with films like Jon Favreau’s The Jungle Book as well as his upcoming film The Lion King. Are they live-action? Are they animated? What if the latter is nominated for an Academy Award? Under which categories could it be eligible to be nominated?

With films like that of Favreau’s as well as the Rob Letterman-directed—best known for his work on Shark Tale or Monsters vs. AliensDetective Pikachu on the horizon, it seems as good a time as any to look back on a simpler time. An analog time, before the domination of digital film, when hand-drawn, two-dimensional, traditionally-animated movies walked the earth in high volume. These films surely helped inspire these new entries to classic animated franchises. Then we can revel in our own excitement for the newest and shiniest movies on the horizon. Here are seven of the best classic films that blend live-action and animation.