7 Best Movies About Friendship


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7 Best Movies About Friendship

We here at Comingsoon.net are counting down our seven favorite films about the nature of friendship. It is universally important, friendship, and we understand that as well as anyone. Be sure to check out our slideshow below! Agree or disagree with our choices? Let us know how you feel in the comments!

It’s a little thing called friendship, ever heard of it? Friends are great, are they not? They are an infinitely valuable resource. Sure, in fairness, this observation may be a well-trodden territory. It may be trite to say, it may be stale, but it is true. It is a timeless truth. To be lonely is darkness. It is a bleak, unenviable reality that you would not wish on even your worst of enemies. Sometimes friends are all that keep that miserable reality at bay. It is a delicate life we live. Suffering lingers around every corner, as does sadness, injustice and many other negative things. Who knows when these things can pounce. It is always for the best to have friends to help you when you fall prey to them. And inversely, your friends are likely to value the same way.

Filmmakers know this as well as anyone. The power of friendship—and the wide varieties of these amicable relationships—have long been the subject of cinema. Healthy relationships, unhealthy ones and those in between have been well-covered on the silver screen. Here we have compiled seven of the very many worthwhile films about the undeniable bonds of friendship.