7 Great Music Moments From Non-Musical Movies


7 Great Music Moments From Non-Musical Movies

We here at Comingsoon.net have compiled for you, dear reader, a list of our favorite musical moments from non-musical movies. Check out our curated slideshow below! Did we miss any of your personal favorites? Let us know your feelings down in the comment section!

On music and film, the late, great master of the silver screen Orson Welles once said that films depend on rhythm. He added that as such, they are the closest medium to music itself. This is why many of the most successful movie trailers are set to a song. It gives a trailer a structure, a backbone. It gives it a context through which we can access the emotions the film trailer wants to portray. Music can change a scene in the same way.

For example, we love musicals. They are often campy fun like Mamma Mia! and its sequel Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. Everyone wears their emotions on their sleeve. Expressions of love and anguish are performed loudly and for everyone to hear. What is there not to like? But sometimes the most fun is when music is unexpected. We as an audience anticipate big musical numbers in a musical. What we do not anticipate is a big opening number to an action movie. But sometimes that is the case. Even in non-musicals, sometimes filmmakers will use music to steer the story in a specific emotional direction. Here are seven of the most memorable music moments in non-musical films.

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