Vera Farmiga’s Five Best Films


5 best Vera Farmiga films

Vera Farmiga’s five best films is counting down our five favorite films starring Vera Farmiga, who has proven to be a modern horror icon in her decade or so as an actress. Check out our choices in the gallery below!

Rising to relevancy simultaneously on the stage and on the small screen, Vera Farmiga (sister of American Horror Story star Taissa Farmiga) hasn’t stopped moving up in the world ever since making a lasting impression in filmmaker Debra Granik’s debut feature. Since then, the actress has always managed to score multiple notable roles each year—from horror to action to drama to comedy, Farmiga is seemingly unable to be confined to one specific genre.

That’s not to say that she isn’t a modern day Scream Queen, though. Like her sister, Vera Farmiga often finds herself in leading roles in horror films—she’s even managed to help lift up an incredibly acclaimed (and lucrative) cinematic universe based around a highly-praised performance of hers. It, along with several others, ranks among her best roles to date.