Catherine Keener’s Ten Best Roles


10 best Catherine Keener movies

Catherine Keener’s ten best roles is counting down our ten favorite films starring Catherine Keener, who has had many terrific roles throughout her three decades as an actress. Check out our choices in the gallery below!

A dramatic actor with no problem playing strange characters, Catherine Keener remains one of the most interesting performers in the game right now simply because of how willing she is to embrace different roles. Because of this, Keener has been lucky enough to work with some of the best filmmakers currently working—from Jordan Peele to Charlie Kaufman to Steven Soderbergh to Nicole Holofcener, Keener has made plenty of impressions all over the board.

Keener frequently finds herself playing melancholy characters who come across as empty or unfulfilled in their relationships or their creative endeavors, coming across as a bittersweet and sympathetic protagonist (or antagonist, in some cases) almost effortlessly. She’s incredibly skilled and is paired up with equally talented performers as a result, stacking up role after perfect role to create an incredibly well-regarded filmography. To this day, it’s hard to imagine a bad Keener performance.